Joseph Foster joins the team

The latest addition of young blood into the team brings enthusiastic Joe to us. Again Joe is strengthening our surveyor numbers to ensure in the future we can keep the high demand with low lead time our clients are expecting from TriCAD.

Purchase first 3D Scanner

TriCAD stays at the forefront and purchases our own 3D scanner now allowing 3D point cloud data to be captured on site. This large size data allows very high accuracy of everything visible to be obtained on site and through heavy post processing can create traditional 2D drawings and also 3D models for clients.

Scott Newell joins the team

As a new member of the team Scott joins us to add to our surveyor numbers. Keeping up with high demand and aiming to reduce lead times Scott brings and extra pair of hands and a keen IT head to TriCAD.

TriCAD was formed

Working in one of Europe’s leading CAD Bureaus the idea to take the skills honed there into the architectural market was hatched. The company was formed and initially set out to change the market. We would operate evenings and weekends while raising the company brand and our own new families. This hard work ethic was the basis of how we do business, straight forward and honest.